Public Transport

If you’re wondering what is the best way to go to EXPO Krakow we recommend to use public transport + 10 min walking. We also recommend nice application that will tell you which connection use:


TRAM NO. 1,14,22


BUS NO. 174, 178

If you plan to use your car, the parking lot will be available.

Tram and bus tickets

Tickets can be bought at newsagents or in ticket machines at bus and tram stops. Ticket machines can also be found in a number of buses and trams. Drivers can sell tickets as well, but note: they only have “multiple trip valid 60 min” tickets and reduced tickets available In all these places you can only pay in cash.

Ticket prices for all day lines and night lines

  • any one journey for 1 person: 3,80 PLN (normal), 1,90 PLN (half-rate)
  • short-term for 1 person:

-20-minute: 2,80 PLN (normal), 1,40 (half-rate)

-24 h ticket: 15,00 PLN (normal), 7,50 PLN (half-rate

-48 h ticket: 24,00 PLN (normal), 12,00 PLN (half-rate)

-72 h ticket: 36,00 PLN (normal), 18,00 PLN (half-rate)

-7 days ticket: 48,00 PLN (normal), 24,00 PLN (half-rate)

For planning your public transport trip use:

Current timetable you can find here: