Organizer: Targi w Krakowie


6th Central European Congress of Life Science
11 - 14 September 2017

Welcome to the leading VI EUROBIOTECH Congress

Everybody asked for it, everybody wants it: BIOECONOMY will be the leading motive of the 6th Eurobiotech

The critical issues for bioeconomy are biotechnologies: the classical one, the modern one and many bio-innovations.

Since biotechnology is controversial for many people in our society we shall try to answer some critical questions:

Who needs modern biotech and why?

Do we have any chance to avoid innovative technologies in order to guarantee food, feed, medicine, energy and materials for 10 billion people?

Is there any other way than biotechnology to prepare large amounts of biomaterials, bioenergy and biopharmaceuticals?

Who should make crucial decisions: all society or elite group of experts?

We will do our best to answer these and many more questions using solid bioscience: bioinformatics, genomics, synthetic biology, microbiology but also newest molecular techniques such as sequencing and mass spectrometry.

We would also like to focus our attention on non-standard aspects of modern science, and particularly, biotechnology. 

We plan to organize special sessions dedicated to “science and art”, “dual use of biotechnology” and many more. 

The preliminary program including a list of distinguished speakers will be available soon.

Our past meetings have been very successful. We look forward to an exciting meeting with great scientific debates and fantastic interactions with political and business leaders, top researchers and investors. The historic and beautiful city of Krakow is the best recommendation for social recreation.

On behalf of the Congress Scientific Committee

Prof. Tomasz twardowski

Prof. Tomasz Twardowski